Why I became an au pair
I always feel unsure of what I wanted to do in my life, and going abroad is something I felt was impossible and out of reach. My older sister was in Denmark as an Au pair and at that time she encouraged me. I was a bit hesitant at first because I am not really sure if it’s what I wanted. I was in college back then, getting really bored and I didn’t know what to do with my life. So, I’ve decided to let go of the negativity and take risk. And that led me in becoming an Au pair for more then seven years now.

I have learned more from my Au pair experience rather than going to college. Since education comes in many forms, being an Au pair broaden my horizon even more than I could have imagined.

-Faith (Au Pair since 2008)

Personal overview: My Au pair experience
When I first became an Au pair, I never thought that it would be so much fun! I saw a different part of a much beautiful world.

Being an Au pair can be stereo-typed easy role, but it’s not.
Everything was all new to me, it’s transitional.
Coming from a tropical country I adjusted myself to the heartbeat of seasons.
I finally get to realize the value of time and adapted changes.

I’ve learned a lot from this journey.
-Being more open to different kind of people and cultures.
- The need to be reliable, patient, trustworthy and obviously have a passion for children.

It’s amazing how much I’ve done and how much my life has changed over the past few years.
I’ve been to several countries. Basically learned other languages. I’ve met a lot of amazing, fun and interesting people. And added some to my list of friends.

Just one big thing aside from all of these is I get homesick from time to time. Which I think is very common to all Au pairs. Imagine living for a whole year or two without your loved ones and the fact that you are staying in a house with a bunch of strangers. Come to think of it, all that you need to sacrifice: family, friends, my country.

Holistically, I enjoyed living in Europe. There is such a stronger sense of equality and people are open-minded. The hungry travel bug inside of me got fed but one thing is for sure. I would always want to go back home.


Family Baart
The Baart family helped me grow more in maturity and encouraged me to be more open, positive and can-do attitude at all times.

I am thankful to my host parents because they’ve encouraged me to expand and use my creativity. Especially, when dealing with kids which I think helped me a lot.
I’ve learned that spending time together playing with the kids or doing something fun instead of just watching them play on their own help me gained their trust and respect.

So far, everything is going really well! The kids are definitely used to me and follow instructions from me much easier. Of course, not all days are perfect.

They’ve treated me like I’m part of the family. I can still remember my good summer stay in France and that was such an amazing summer with them!

Entirely, I enjoy the company of the children. The love and care I have for them is like they’re my sisters.

I had a wonderful time with this family. I’ve grown so much this year with them. I hope for the next year they can find a match for their beautiful family.

I’m now moving on to the next phase of my life which I’m VERY excited.
It’s been absolutely a wonderful year!


Testimonial from Familie Veenman
Family Au pair (Patricia) heeft ons zeer professioneel ondersteund en begeleid van verzoek tot de dag van vandaag, bij het vinden en het hebben een au pair. Om mijn tijd als gast ouder in dit proces te beperken, heeft Patricia op basis van een intake gesprek en beschreven familie profiel, au pairs geselecteerd en ge¯nterviewd. Vervolgens heeft zij een au pair aangeboden voor een gesprek met ons als gastgezin, waarbij Patricia ook mij heeft geadviseerd over hoe voeren van een intake gesprek met au pair, wat te vragen, waarop te letten. Ook Patricia haar kennis over de lokale wetgeving is erg goed, zodat zij mij als gast ouder in Denemarken kon begeleiden waar ik welke informatie kon vinden en wat ik als eerste moest doen. Ondertussen ondersteunde Patricia de au pair bij het opstellen van het contract en andere administrative zaken. Ook nu in de afrondende fase met het visum van de au pair houdt Patricia nog steeds pro actief contact. Ik zou niet weten hoe ik zonder Patricia een au pair had kunnen aanstellen.

Fam. Veenman - Jensen, Denmark

Testimonial from Family Langenbahn
Family Au Pair / Patricia was able to match my au pair requirements with my future Au Pair in less then months time. The process was simple and saved me hours of time that I would have otherwise spent screening, interviewing and reference checking candidates. Patricia’s knowledge of both having an Au pair and being from the Philippines helped her build a quick repore with both myself and our future Au Pair. It is a service that I have already recommended to friends and will certainly use again.

Fam. Karas - Langenbahn, Denmark