These General Terms and Conditions applies to Family Au Pair services, the host family and the au pair, referred as the "client" of Family Au Pair.

Au pair:

A foreigner aged 21 to 28 years old, unmarried, without the duty to care for children in his/her country of origin and in the possession of a certification of good behavior. The au pair candidate has been screened according to family au pair requirements and conditions

Host family:

A family consisting of a minimum of 2 members and possessing adequate and consistent means of income in accordance with current law. The host family has been screened according to Family Au Pair requirements and conditions.
Family Au Pair is the au pair agency with which the host family has agreed to cooperate with.

Au pair program:

Basis for service by Family au pair:

Rights and Duties of Family Au Pair and her Client

15. Once the host family and Family Au Pair have come to an agreement leading to an assignment, Family Au Pair will take the necessary actions to fullfill the assignment. Family Au Pair will keep the host family informed as to any relevant developments regarding the progress of the assignment.

16. Family Au Pair sees to it that the au pair travels to the Netherlands in accordance with all legal requirements and conditions. This includes informing the au pair (if possible via the agent of Family Au Pair in the au pair’s country of origin) regarding the criteria of the au pair program. Family Au Pair will also inform the au pair in this manner regarding the necessary documents that are required for a legitimate stay in the Netherlands.

17. At Family Au Pair's initial request, the host family must be able to produce an insurance policy covering the au pair. This policy must commence at the latest on the au pair’s first day of arrival in the Netherlands.

18. An au pair requiring a visa must be in possession of a return ticket (bus/airplane) in order to be able to return home at all times to his/her country of origin. Depending on the agreements made, the costs of such a ticket can be borne by either the au pair, the host family or both parties. The above mentioned ticket is valid for a maximum period of 365 days.

19. Within 3 (working) days upon arriving in the Netherlands, the au pair must be registered at the municipality in the host family’s town of residence. The host family will inform and send Family Au Pair a copy of registration once it has been finalized with the municipality.

20. Where necessary, the terms and conditions that are a result of the Aliens Act and immigration requirements of the IND, should apply.

21. Family Au Pair will keep in contact with the host family and au pair after arrival and will provide both parties with support in case of questions and/or problems.

22. Au pair and host family will both decide which (language) course she wishes to follow; the days and times of such a course will also be established in harmonious agreement with the au pair and host family.

23. The au pair has the right to participate in the organized “Au pair days”, as well as having the right to attend events organized by the Family Au Pair.

24. Family Au Pair has the right if necessary and there where given mandate by the host family, to log the information of the host family and the au pair into a central information system. The information obtained will be treated according to the Protection of Personal Information Act (WBP) and is governed by the terms and conditions established by the Board of Protection Personal Information (CBP).

25. IND and/or other government agencies can request from Family Au Pair to give them information about the host family and/or au pair if the government deems it is necessary for the proper implementation of the public tasks. Where necessary, the host family and/or au pair gives permission to Family Au Pair to provide requested data.

26. Family Au Pair is an agency that offers its services based on advice and mediation between host families and au pairs. As such, any liability as a result of non-agreement of the au pair and/or host family, either towards each other or Family Au Pair, is specifically excluded.

27. Family Au Pair cannot be held liable for the failure of an au pair to arrive on time. Any costs as a result of such a delay or cancellation will be fully the responsibility and risk of the host family.

28. Any and all liability of Family Au Pair regarding any (financial) or other damage towards the host family as a result of the actions or stay of the au pair with the host family, is specifically excluded. Family Au Pair will not be held liable for this.

29. The hostfamily must inform Family Au Pair within 3 days of the au pair's departure from the Netherlands. The hostfamily must also be able to produce a proof of deregistration(uitschrijving) from the municipal hall once the au pair leaves the Netherlands.

Fees and rates:

Governing Law:

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