These General Terms and Conditions applies to Family Au Pair services, the host family and the au pair, referred as the "client" of Family Au Pair.

Au pair:

A foreigner aged 21 to 28 years old, unmarried, without the duty to care for children in his/her country of origin and in the possession of a certification of good behavior. The au pair candidate has been screened according to family au pair requirements and conditions

Host family:

A family consisting of a minimum of 2 members and possessing adequate and consistent means of income in accordance with current law. The host family has been screened according to Family Au Pair requirements and conditions.
Family Au Pair is the au pair agency with which the host family has agreed to cooperate with.

Au pair program:

Basis for service by Family au pair:

Rights and Duties of Family Au Pair and her Client

Fees and rates:

Governing Law:

Family au pair has concluded the interviews for 2018