Host family

A family consisting of a minimum of 2 members and possessing adequate and consistent means of income in accordance with the current law. The host family is screened according to Family Au Pair requirements and conditions

The host family must also comply with the rules and regulations set by the authorities of the host country itself .

It’s essential that the hostfamily treat the au pair as part of their family during her stay with them. As it is a cultural exchange program, the au pair must be exposed to the host family’s way of life. This means bringing her along with you to family gatherings, outings and/or holidays. You may plan cultural activities with her such as visit to the museums, city tours etc. You may offer her to follow the basic language course.

The host family must provide the au pair her basic needs, such as free board and lodging, food and allowance during her stay.

Advantages of hosting a Filipina au pair:
More Quality Time for Your Family

All parents know how hectic and stressful a working day can be. You have to be on time for work while making sure your children are on time for school. The end of the day is not any easier. After you come home from work, you have to prepare dinner and do any number of chores and tasks before your children’s bedtime.

With an au pair to help you with your children’s needs, as well as with light household chores, you’ll soon see how much more energy you have to spend quality time with your family.


You can plan with the au pair a schedule that works best for you and your family. Your family and the au pair can plan your vacations together so that you don’t have to worry about making extra arrangements.

Children’s Well-being

Having an au pair has many advantages, but the most important thing is that it’s all about the children. For our family and our agency, children comes first. Children can stay in their own surroundings with someone you trust and someone they already know. When your children are sick, the au pair can also take care of them.

The Filipina au pair candidates we select for your family speaks English relatively well. We also make sure that, to the best of our knowledge, they are diligent, adaptable, flexible, friendly and most importantly, family oriented.


Family Au Pair makes a profile of the host family to gain a better understanding of the host family’s background and current situation. We will discuss with you your preferences.

When you select our agency, we will then look for the most suitable candidates for your family. First we’ll draw up a contract between the host family and Family Au Pair. We will provide you a list of Filipina au pairs whom we recommend. We conduct background checks and interview each shortlisted applicant before they are considered an au pair candidate.

We will then present to you the au pair candidates whom we consider most suitable for your family and your requirements.

Family Au Pair’s agent fee may vary. This will be discussed with the host family.